Founded in 2000, Gremalco has grown to be one of the leading utilities networks contractors in New South Wales.  We have built an in-house capability to successfully deliver power, water and gas projects for our clients across the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

The Smart Evolution 

In recent years, the smart evolution of Gremalco has continued with many of our industry’s best project managers, supervisors, leading hands, operators, linesmen and jointers joining our ranks. Our project outcomes are seen as some of the highest quality delivered in our field.

Every industry has its challenges finding skilled staff in remote locations. Gremalco rose to this challenge by engaging the best ASP1’s across metro and regional NSW as part of their labour hire network. Our flexible resource pool provides a cost effective solution for regional works while maintaining consistent project outcomes under Gremalco's Project Management, Supervision and Systems.


Why choose us


 In order to achieve our objective of promoting safety, environmental and quality excellence and to optimise client satisfaction, we:

  • set measurable objectives and targets
  • focus on these targets at every level within our organisation
  • eliminate work related injuries, illnesses and pollution by involvement of all staff and stakeholders when identifying and mitigating workplace hazards and risks
  • ensure that all staff and contractors understand our policies and their responsibility in maintaining the highest levels of performance

Our services

Principal Contractor for Electricity Distributors, ASP1 and ASP2 for developers, consortia member for delivering a program of works. Gremalco has the professional expertise to meet your electrical infrastructure requirements.

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Project highlights

Gremalco delivers a wide range of electrical infrastructure projects utilising a variety of delivery and commercial models.

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